E-base company expansion of JEC3 Economic Consultants.  A 10 year old economic consulting firm with emphasis in real estate residential and commercial market analysis and forecasting, financial risk management, small business market analysis and economic forecasting of housing and employment. It is a Dun and Bradstreet registered company.

Market-Economics offers resources and services in the areas of economic and real estate housing market research, market segmentation business surveys, and financial risk analyses.  The firm applies business intelligent tools using macro and micro stimulation and data mining including GIS for locational analysis.  Precision business trend analyses using NAICS surveys and Artificial Intelligence (AI) data gathering to create virtual dimensional analysis.  A diverse team composed of Senior Consultants in Mortgage Banking and Finance, Labor Market Analysis, Economic Modeling and Forecasting, and Regional Economic Development and Housing Market Strategies.

New Economy

Providing market research on economics real estate, mortgage market trends for consumer and business market trends for decision making.  Cross-cutting data mining with a diversified research capability of reaching non-traditional and minority markets. Financial Risk Modeling, Economic, Housing Forecasts, Mortgage Market, Real Estate Feasibility, and Retail Market Reports.

New Demographics

New market segmentation data mining products placing increasing demand for identifying diverse consumer markets.  Traditional market analysis is giving way to new tools for distinguishing variation in consumer markets.