Dr. Joseph E. Cater, III

grandprix28Corporate Finance Executive and troubleshooting specialist with a command of credit market research, organization, and general management. Ability to combine business analysis with technology applications. Proven talent for identifying core business needs and translating into technical deliverables. Launched and managed cutting-edge technology programs and services to win new customers, generate revenue gains, and increase brand value.

Preferred functions include:

  • Market Research Management Survey Design and Implementation
  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Mortgage Prepayment Modeling
  • Housing Price Forecasting
  • Forecasting/Strategic Planning Internal/External Consulting
  • Product Development Internet Publishing and Development


Experienced in providing market research for identifying customer demand and market trends. Ability to identify market opportunities and develop business plans for new business development. Financial risk analysis examining external economic factors in strategy development. Prepayment modeling experience with structured analysis of default and foreclosure. Strong technical proficiency in maximizing Internet with market research opportunities resulting in annual savings of $100,000. Experience in managing teams and financial reporting.


  • Market ResearchConsumer and credit market research – Forecasting credit loss projections and prepayments – Modeling economic and financial impact of customer demand on company credit flows. Designed and implemented E-based customer surveys.
  • Financial Risk – Examining external variables as related to risk and development of strategic plans.
  • Management – Internal staffing- Communications- Group productivity-Leading teams.
  • Technology Applications-Designed and developed Lotus Notes – Web publishing and intranet distribution – HTML design and web interface automatic update.
  • Business Development –Internal/external consulting -Increase productivity functions- New product development to match customer demand and projected goals.